About the Author

Bill Hanson M.D. is Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Surgery and Internal Medicine and Chief of Intensive Care at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School as well as an Associated Faculty member of the Computer Science Department at Princeton University, where he has taught a course on computers in medicine. His work has been profiled in USA Today, US News & World Report, Popular Science, New Scientist and Scientific American. He lives outside of Philadelphia, PA.

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Critical Acclaim

“A rare glimpse into the future of medicine, through the eyes of a Renaissance thinker with a remarkable grasp of history and modern science, combined with a deep compassion for patients.”

David E. Longnecker, M.D.,
Director at the American Association of Medical Colleges

Sample Book Excerpt

“Although we don’t know precisely when, at some point primate social activities such as mutual grooming and nit-picking transitioned into the beginnings of early human medicine. The first medical tools people used were their senses of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. And they weren’t just observant; they acted on their observations. “